Community Land Trusts Build Climate-Resilient Affordable Housing

As climate change makes disasters like hurricanes, floods, and wildfires become more frequent, severe, and expensive, residents and policymakers are increasingly turning toward community land trusts (CLTs)—nonprofits that buy land to ensure community control, stave off displacement, and ensure long-term affordability.

“Spirituality is deeply anti-systemic”: An interview with Indigenous Thinker Antonio Gonzalez from the Aj Mayon Collective in Guatemala

Many people are now realizing that they cannot move forward without us. And indigenous peoples are saying: “you are not going to talk on our behalf, nor about us, anymore”.

Impact Investing in Native Communities: Answer or Assimilation?

Growth in Native communities is relationship-based, not economy-based, and so Native CFDIs are putting much effort into building localized decision-making that provides not only financial support, but also builds trust.

Community Foresters Unite to Save Biodiversity Hotspot

As part of Mexico’s world-renowned community forestry model for sustainability, the example of the Chimalapas shines. It has produced important results in conservation of a natural biosphere considered one of the most important lungs of Mexico.

‘Repair is the reimagination of power’: Healing from the injustices of colonialism

‘Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice’, a new book by Raj Patel and Rupa Marya, is a tour of the human body that reveals the links between our biology and political and economic injustices such as racism, poverty and colonialism.

Colombian fishers are fighting for their rights and protection of vital wetlands

In November, on the banks of the calm, reflective waters of the Cascaloa Ciénaga, a floodplain lake extending 12,000 hectares (120 sq km) in northern Colombia, a group of traditional fishers met.

The body as territory: The Misaks: Balance and harmony as medicine

Balance and harmony are so fundamental for the Misak people’s way of life that they are willing to go to the streets to fight for it, if necessary – but always peacefully, and with their face masks firmly in place.