COP24 march

Inside the Tent: Big Polluters Work to Shape Paris Agreement Rules at the UN Climate Talks

By Chloe Farand, DeSmog Blog

Should fossil fuel companies that knew their products contributed to climate change for nearly 40 years and did nothing about it now be allowed to have their say inside the UN climate talks? For the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a business lobby comprised of some of the world’s largest fossil fuel producers and greenhouse gas emitters such as BP, Chevron, Rio Tinto, Eni, Total and Shell, the answer is yes. “Fundamentally,” the IETA writes, “we believe that our businesses should be part of the climate negotiations — because we intend to be part of the solution”. IETA has already wielded much influence on the UN climate talks. This year’s climate conference — known as COP24 — is widely considered to be the most important climate meeting of the last three years, with countries aiming to finalise the rulebook to implement the Paris Agreement. And the business lobby is determined to have its voice heard on how its members should be involved in implementing the Paris accord. IETA president and CEO Dirk Forrister told...