horn of plenty

Skewered on the Horns of Plenty

By Jody Tishmack, Anima/Soul

No one likes to see prices going up, especially people with little money saved or who live paycheck to paycheck because they rarely have ability to pay more for their basic costs of living (housing, food, utilities, clothing, child care, transportation, and healthcare). Our modern global economy has been built on plentiful fossil energy.  Now as climate change threatens our livelihood and lifestyle, we face a dilemma.  How do we transition to a low carbon energy system when plentiful resources are no longer available?  Our past Horn of Plenty has become a trap from which we in the developed nations increasingly find difficult to extract ourselves. Consumer Prices Throughout history the U.S. has experienced large swings in the price of goods, but trying to determine the Consumer Price Index (how prices are changing and who is being affected) is a complicated task.  Inflation and deflation were a common reoccurring problem in...