Hemp Harvest

Harvesting Hemp: Reflecting on Opportunities with the One Acre Exchange

By Tyler Jenkins, Fibershed

One Acre Exchange supports the development of an agricultural economy centering the sustainability of farmers, workers, and the planet. In North Carolina and beyond, we support farmers and artisans in the growth and development of industrial hemp because of its tremendous potential to revitalize local economies and regenerate the environment. Read past dispatches to learn about the evolution of this effort: click here for all One Acre Exchange articles. In this article, Tyler shares a look at the 2020 harvest, processing, and marketing options. Written and photographed by Tyler Jenkins It’s hemp harvest day in the North Carolina Piedmont. Today we are harvesting 5 – 10 acres of this hemp crop for fiber research. Farmer Jeff Griffin has enlisted the help of his neighbor and longtime friend, Gene, to cut down our stand. Gene rolled up in a John Deere with a sickle bar mower. The sickle bar was one of the...