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A market economy without capitalism

Can there be a market economy without capitalism? That is the question of today’s post.

July 19, 2024

Matthew and Kristof Hayes at Groundswell 2024.

Letter From A Future Farmer | Rethinking The Farm From The Ground Up

As a wider reflection on succession, if farming families are able to pass on their core values – which in the majority of cases include safeguarding land, and producing good quality food at fair prices – as opposed to their outdated and sometimes damaging operational methods, we will see truly significant transformations in our food systems.

July 18, 2024


Cows, capital and growth

The long term opportunities for growth of my herd and the growth of global capitalism are the same. None.

July 17, 2024


Food ecomodernism and the emptying of politics, Part II: or, jesters and mystics

How do we decarbonise and degrow the economy while nourishing ourselves not only physically, but also socially and culturally? I can’t see any plausible answer to that question which doesn’t involve embracing a greater emphasis on diverse small-scale farming to meet local needs – which was part of the point of writing Saying NO…

July 16, 2024

Veg growing at Redcatch community garden

The garden improving community health through food

Residents are helping to make Knowle West a healthier place, backed by a £20,000 funding pot. Shaping Places, an NHS and local government programme, is designed to improve community health through changes to local social, environmental and economic systems, from food security to mental health and fear of antisocial behaviour.

July 15, 2024

Jorn showing me around De Kollebloem farm © Adèle Violette

A Leek for Change! The Belgian Trio on a Mission to Save Seeds

(Re)creating community is a sine qua non for the transition to agricultural practices that are more respectful of farmers and the environment. And in this perspective, seeds are an inexhaustible source of passion to bring a community together.

July 12, 2024


Agroecology: A Labor of Love

We propose that agroecologists explicitly aim to reconceptualize work, disrupt power imbalances, and galvanize support across classes, sectors and species of laborers to have a truly transformative transition to an agroecological economy founded on care.

July 11, 2024

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