community gardens

The Case for Community Gardens

By Scott Jenkins, Strong Towns

Today we are featuring a guest post by Scott Jenkins on the subject of community gardens, and the myriad benefits they can provide to a neighborhood, town or city. The idea of a community garden isn’t a new one. Long before urban and suburban dwellers started pitching up balcony herb gardens, people found that coming together to plant hope in the ground was a pretty good thing. Now, when modern life seems to be more stressful and uncertain than ever, community gardens could prove to be the salve that heals our hurting communities. We all have to eat. It’s biology at its most basic—if you don’t feed your body, it won’t function. Modern civilization has solved a lot of problems, but we still haven’t managed to eliminate food deserts in first world countries. With the cost of living ever on the rise, food prices also go up. The cost of transporting fresh...