#AgTechTakeback – Neither Neoluddism nor Corporate Ag

By Vassilis Gkisakis, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

As the role of technology increases in farming and food, and corporate powers use this to extend their power, we need to strive for technological developments that are appropriate for farmers, for eaters and for the planet. Welcome to #AgTechTakeback. ARC2020 and IATP are seeking informed opinions on this topic in September and October 2018, as we run our #AgTechTakeback debate. Interested in contributing an article? Email oliver[at] Will hi-tech save agriculture from its otherwise intractable problems? Certainly technological stakeholders want it to appear so, as digitisation increases both in the fields and in the policy documents and future plans for the sector. Hi-tech solutions are promoted as unavoidable and necessary and are broadly publicised as the ultimate innovative path for the modernization of farming. In the quest for increased productivity, reduced costs and, notably, environmental sustainability, agtech is a core part of the answer – frοm the Commission to the companies invested in it....