rural resilience

Denmark | Re-Scaling the Rural

By Louise Kelleher, ARC2020

Ed. note: This article  first appeared on ARC2020 is a platform for agri-food and rural actors working towards better food, farming, and rural policies for Europe. Data centres, precision-farming, home offices and increasing connectivity: new forms of rurality are emerging physically and conceptually, and new dynamics are at play between ‘human’, ‘extra human’ and ‘non-human’ scales. What possibilities might there be within these new inter-scale relationships? What social and environmental gains and losses are at stake?  These were some of the questions addressed by a conference in Denmark whose speakers included ARC2020’s Louise Kelleher and Matteo Metta. AlterRurality 6: Re-Scaling the Rural aimed to initiate a critical investigation of past, current, and what may become future concepts and interpretations of rural life. Report by Louise Kelleher and Matteo Metta. Participants mingle outside the coal house. Photo: Louise Kelleher The population of the tiny Danish coastal village of Agger was temporarily re-scaled...