women protesting

Debate: Municipalism and the feminisation of politics

By Laura Roth, Minim

In the first post in a series on municipalism and the feminisation of politics, Laura Roth lays out a feminist municipalist manifesto. This topic will be explored further by additional authors in the coming weeks.  Municipalism means transforming how power is distributed in our societies. Our strategies question how politics is done, what political institutions do and who runs them. If we want to reclaim politics for common people, we must build new institutions that are open, horizontal and accessible to everyone. To get there, we can learn from past movements that have focused on dismantling privilege. Feminism is not the only example, but it is a great place to start. We take the feminisation of politics to mean ‘making politics more feminist’, but that does not simply mean seeing more women in traditional positions of power. We recognise that implementing feminist principles in daily organising is incredibly hard, even at the...