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Climate Knocking at Our Door: How to Integrate Climate into Our Sense of Self

By Jennifer Harvey Sallin, illuminem

When climate knocks, we need resources to respond Climate has historically felt like something “out there” for many of us, unrelated to our sense of identity and not included in our personal narrative as anything more than a backdrop for the “real story” of our lives. Now that climate is knocking at each of our life’s doors, refusing to remain in the background, many of us are unsure how to respond. We wonder whether we should integrate climate into our life story and sense of self, and if so, how. Some of our reaction to climate’s knock depends on our culture, personality and values system – for example, how much we know about, enjoy being in and connecting with the natural world, how much empathy and concern we feel for humanity and other sentient beings, and how much we care about matters of justice and fairness. Our reaction also depends...