A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol and the Rise of the Debt Society in the 21st Century

By Keiko Yokoyama, Resilience.org

these were so squint of mind. As in the handling of their wealth to use. No moderation – none in either kind. (Dante's Inferno) I revisited Charles Dickens’ Victorian ‘Christmas Carol’ several weeks ago on modern Christmas Day. I gathered similar tales of woe about inequality and poverty between the English Victorian Age and the 21st Century, although the idea of the sin of greed in Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol is probably outdated. Dickens' story embodies the nature of contemporary economic problems which we face, in terms of interest, debt traps and the meaning of the financial economy for both the haves and the have-nots. If we want to understand the growing income and wealth inequality between them, which is not an accident, we have to examine the way society is organised by looking at the history of the banking system. The development of the banking system was related to...