Political Challenges in the Crisis of Criticism

Towards Autonomy

There is here a conspiracy—not in the legal sense but in the etymological sense: everything “conspires,” “breathes together,” is blowing in the same direction—of a society in which all criticism is losing its effectiveness.~ Cornelius Castoriadis1 For some time now, there is a lot of talk regarding the role that fake news and conspiracy theories play in shaping public opinion. Populist politicians have used this trend in attaining positions of power or in shifting the blame for their failure to keep up with pre-election promises. There is a certain strand of political theory that seeks blame in the tribune that social media provides to growing amounts of people.2 Such logic, however, is deeply anti-democratic as it sees the problem in giving voice to the many, overlooking the current systemic features that create and maintain an environment of cynicism and alienation. Fortunately, there are voices who address the problem of power distribution,...