Cool Currencies – The Chiemgauer

By Kester McLennan, Bristol Pound blog

Utopian ideals of a sustainable and environmentally friendly local economy inspire us to think of a world where the goods consumed in an area are created in that same place, using local resources and labour. Monetary systems seem to have a growing influence in helping this dream become a reality, with local currencies just like the Bristol Pound popping up all over the world. In the second of a series of articles on ‘Cool Currencies’ Kester McLennan, UoB Geography student and Bristol Pound Intern takes a look at the Chiemgauer (pronounced “cheem-gower”). It all started when Christian Gelleri conducted a practical classroom project, in an attempt to get his students to understand the role of the local economy in more depth. 8 years on, the Chiemgauer attracts over 600 businesses and 3000 users, turning over 5 million per year. And this is only the start. Its whopping growth of over 100% per...