West Philly tool library

Q&A with Erin Gautsche of West Philly Tool Library

By Paige Wolf, Shareable

Cement mixers, grout saws, and air compressors aren't typical staples in older urban homes. But with more than half of Philadelphia houses estimated to be more than 60 years old, these homes are often in need of both major and minor repairs. The West Philly Tool Library was founded in 2007 to help make home repairs and maintenance more accessible and affordable for local residents. The library offers more than 4,000 tools to its more than 2,600 members, who pay for membership on a sliding scale.  Community members are offered both tools and knowledge to perform tasks like needed repairs, furniture building, landscaping, and more. Program director Erin Gautsche tells us more about creating affordable access to tools Philadelphians need to repair and improve their homes. What sparked the idea for West Philly Tool Library? The Tool Library started as a volunteer project in 2007, headed up by Michael Froehlich, who had...