Soulard Market

Money, Food and Love Now

By Vicki Robin, Vicki Robin blog

What can we do!? We want to feel in control in an out of control time. We want to occupy our minds with something other than worry. Granted, some people are buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer, guns and pretty much anything in grocery stores to gain a sense of control. But there are far better ways that will last a lifetime. I’ve spent half my adult life, it seems, prepping for this moment by creating resilience tools for money, food and community. They are simple, though take intention to use. Money is unequally distributed -Duh In our society some have more than enough, some far less. some far less. If you have more than enough, now is the time to shop so your local businesses don’t drop. Many of your neighbors have spent a lifetime building a business, or just recently borrowed heavily to start one. They are terrified. You’ve built...