Liberty leading the people

Democracy Rising 1 Introduction: Idiots Я Us

By Tom Prugh,

Democracy Rising is a series of blog posts on deliberative democracy: what it is, why it’s powerful, why the time is right for it, how it works, and how to get it going in your community. Written by deliberation scholars and practitioners, the series originates in the United States but will discuss principles and draw upon examples from around the world. Views and opinions expressed in each post are those of the individual contributors only. Introduction: Idiots Я Us Most Americans consider the freedom from politics to be part of their wellbeing.—Robert Samuelson[1] Politicians are always letting the public off the hook—it might be the most unforgivably dishonest thing they do.—George Packer[2] Democracy is not the multiplication of ignorant opinions. —Beatrice Webb[3] To be meaningful, democracy requires settings that allow direct knowledge of persons and issues.—William Ophuls[4] Come now, and let us reason together.—Isaiah 1:18 Pop quiz: the American political...