Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for original submissions—news, analysis, profiles, essays—on energy, the economy, the environment, food and water, and society, set particularly in the context of community resilience. Some of the topics we cover with this context include: geopolitics, ecology, population, urban design, holistic living, spirituality, gender issues, and local community activism.

We appreciate it when writers familiarize themselves with our material before contacting our editors.

The kind of writing we publish at is by people deeply immersed in their topic. In our experience the writing that really engages people tends to deal with specific issues from a personal perspective linking to real experience.

Please note that we don’t carry sponsored guest posts or sponsored links.

To send us a pitch or link to an original article:

  • Please read through other articles on Resilience to better understand our worldview and areas of coverage before submitting your pitch. Consider why your article/essay/story is a good fit for our audience.
  • Use the Contact form and pick the Inquiry Type Articles from the drop-down list.
  • Please include a short bio, links to your previously published work, and information about any other credentials you have as a writer or an expert.
  • Write: “SUBMISSION” and your proposed headline as your subject. (i.e. SUBMISSION: Resilient Communities Allow for Healthier Living).
  • If sending a link to a published piece please let us know if we have permission to repost, and include a link to the published article.
  • If you are also submitting an image with your article, please include contact information for the owner of the image.

At this time we are not able to pay for published material.

Published articles are typically between 800 – 1500 words. We can sometimes post longer pieces and we can also consider publishing posts in several parts. We appreciate, but do not expect, supporting graphics and imagery.

We appreciate all of the submissions we receive and will reply as quickly as we can, but please have patience. We get a lot of unsolicited material and we are a small team.