Episode 84

Modern humans have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship to technology, which has kidnapped us while convincing us it has our best interests in mind. But when one looks back at the history of plastics or the current frenzy around AI, it isn’t hard to see the insanity of doubling down on new technology to save us from previous technology.

Derivative of The Great Unraveling, (CC by-nc-nd) Michele Guieu

The Great Unraveling

Environmental and social challenges are now compounding to threaten the very systems that support the world we know. What does this Great Unraveling mean for both human civilization and the global ecosystem, and what we can do in response?

Holding the Fire

Holding the Fire

Award-winning journalist and author Dahr Jamail hosts in-depth interviews with leaders from around the world to uncover Indigenous ways of reckoning with environmental and societal breakdown.