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Plastics, Plastics Everywhere

By Alex Hertzog, Maura Stephens, System Change not Climate Change

Part 1 of this story can be found on Resilience.org here. As they proliferate throughout our planet, plastics pose grave dangers to human health. In Part 1 of this story we discussed the enormity of the global scourge of plastic proliferation and some of the dangers it poses. We sketched out some local and regional attempts to abate it, and we hope made it clear that such measures are so woefully inadequate as to be almost laughable were they also not so necessary as part of an overall strategy to halt this new pandemic. In this second of three parts, we’ll talk about some of the known and suspected human health harms of plastic exposure, the setbacks brought about during the ongoing Covid crisis, and the intricate relationship between fossil fuels and their byproducts: plastics. In the last part we’ll share some bigger-scale ideas for coping with this gargantuan problem. Health...