Amazon firefighters in Bolivia

Bolivia is on Fire, Too — And You’re Part of the Problem

By Kayla Mi-Kyung Vandervort, Esperanza Project

Esperanza Project collaborator Kayla Mi-kyung Vandervort has been working with indigenous leaders in Bolivia to create a campaign to support their work. These tribal peoples on the front lines of the devastation have not been getting the support they need and are in desperate need of supplies and help for the communities that are being displaced, as well as the wildlife. Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro isn’t the only culprit behind the fires currently raging across the Amazon at a rate of a football field per minute. With the high demand for meat, soy, and petroleum in developed countries, we are directly fuelling these fires in the Amazon basin. There is much that we can do to help turn this crisis around. Obviously, the fires haven’t stopped at the border; they’ve been raging all over the Amazon Basin. These fires, most of them provoked by farmers, have spread across Brazil’s borders into Bolivia, Peru...