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The Whole World is an Ecovillage

By Ryan Luckey, Leticia Rigatti, Grassoles

From 2010 to 2016, we created and directed the Común Tierra project, documenting Ecovillages throughout Latin America, alongside other sustainable community-based initiatives. Through visiting over 150 initiatives, participating in many activities, and speaking to founders and project members, we developed a deep appreciation for the Ecovillage model as an important part of our societies collective evolution towards a regenerative future. At the same time, we witnessed firsthand many of the biggest challenges in designing, implementing and sustaining Ecovillages. Even with clear challenges, we see great value in the contributions the Ecovillage movement can make to our wider society, as experimental living laboratories and social technology incubators. An aerial view of Tamera Ecovillage, Portugal The Ecovillage movement has identified 4 areas of society that must be re-imagined in order to exemplify the Ecovillage “Ethos.” These 4 areas are: Ecological, Social, Economic, and Worldview. Ecovillages are communities who work to put into practice a...