Cottage on green hillside in Ireland.

The lost chances of the Greens, parts II and III

By Brian Kaller, Restoring Mayberry

In a nursing home in St. Paul, Minnesota last year [2018], a 91-year-old Quaker named Rhoda Gilman died, and her death was barely noted — which is a shame, because she led a fascinating life. She wrote several excellent books on American history, raised a family, ran for lieutenant governor of that state in 2002, and was one of the early leaders of the Green movement in America … and lived through one of the great and unappreciated lost chances of world history. ... This is an interview I sat on for about 15 years, always intending to write a larger article. " - Brian Kaller Part I was published a few weeks ago: Part II Kaller: Would you say that Greens everywhere are in favour of a more localized economy? Gilman: I don’t know about that. I would suspect that’s true, because it’s almost forced by the idea...