US Capitol

What’s Next for Biden’s Build Back Better Act?

By Joel Stronberg, illuminem

Well, it finally happened. An infrastructure bill has found its way onto a president’s desk for signing. Affectionately called the BIF in the halls of Congress and along the K Street corridor where the cognoscenti congregate, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework was truly that—bipartisan. The $1.2 trillion bill was passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. The vote was 69 yeas and 30 nays. If that wasn’t proof enough of bipartisanship, there’s the House vote to consider. After months of squabbles within the Democratic ranks, the BIF passed by a vote of 226 to 206. The kicker in this is it passed thanks to the 13 House Republicans who dared cross the aisle—negating the “no” votes of the six progressive Democrats who voted against it with enough left over to win the day. Republicans in both chambers willing to work with the Democrats to get something done are risking reprisals from former President Trump and a hit-squad of...