Vicki Robin

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 29 Vicki Robin

By Vicki Robin,

March 2, 2020 Show Notes The third set of What Could Possibly Go Right? kicks off with host Vicki Robin reflecting on past episodes, sharing her motivation for creating this series, and revealing what she hopes to find as we embark on a new set of interviews. Her thoughts include: That cultural scouts have this “carefully cultivated sense of looking squarely at reality and trying to pick a path, a critical path forward on behalf of the common good”. That cultural scouts have an educated sense of the future, with perspectives often gained through living at the margins. That justice is at the center of many interviews, whether it’s racial, economic, intergenerational, interspecies or ecological. That guests are framework-fluid, able to see more clearly by not being stuck in one story or worldview. Keep in touch with What Could Possibly Go Right? on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram! Transcript Hi, Vicki Robin...