Municipalities in Transition

Le Pacte Pour la Transition (Transition Pact)

By Yaz Brien, Transition Network

The population covered by local governments that have declared a climate emergency now approaches 50 million citizens in 8 countries – and this movement of movements is growing. As people join together to demand that elected councillors and politicians make bold climate emergency declarations, they are also working together to come up with solutions to climate change, growing inequality, and the crisis of democracy. Many of us have already changed our daily habits to consume less and reuse more, and the next step is to transform public policy. What might we dare to dream for our towns of tomorrow, and how do we collaborate to turn these dreams into realities? Le Pacte pour la Transition (The Transition Pact) has launched in France and offers a vision and tool for a local politics that is more social, more democratic, and more ecological. The Transition Pact has been developed by 50 organisations and 1135 participants,...