XR protest

The Right to Remain Silent

By Rosemary Harrison, Resilience.org

I went to an extinction rebellion last year. No wait, two years ago. The year before the last year, when we all held our breath. I went in two minds, decidedly undecided. At times I had defended the rebellion, standing by their principles: this is urgent. I had also doubted the method and questioned their tactics: is this too extreme, too alienating? When I put this to a friend who was involved she breathed a deep, patient breath and invited me to come along and see for myself. So I went on a fresh autumn morning at the end of the protests in October 2019. It was the last stand, a plaintive, swan song moment. I came out of the tube station and followed the yellow brick road, streets covered with police officers and riot vans, to reach the rebellion. A helicopter flew over head. It was scary. Lines of...