Rob Dietz

Rob Dietz is the Program Director at Post Carbon Institute, where he guides projects from conception to completion. With training and experience in ecological economics, environmental science, and conservation biology, he has built a career aimed at moving society in sustainable directions.  Rob is the lead author of the bestselling book Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources (Berrett-Koehler, 2013).

Bonus LaUra Schmidt

Crazy Town Bonus: Grief and Making Connections with LaUra Schmidt

LaUra Schmidt visits Crazy Town to discuss her work with the Good Grief Network and her book, How to Live in a Chaotic Climate: 10 Steps to Reconnect with Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Planet.

February 15, 2024

Bonus episode

Crazy Town Bonus: New Year’s Dissolutions

Asher, Jason, and Rob reflect on 2023 – a year filled to the brim with Crazy Townisms like the COP climate conference being held in Dubai, an anti-aging nutbag who parasitizes his own son, and the hijinks of the world’s dumbest billionaires.

January 17, 2024


Ideas for Living through the Great Unraveling

This year Post Carbon Institute has leaned into the “Great Unraveling” as a label for framing what’s happening in modern society and the natural world. In short, the Great Unraveling represents humanity’s comeuppance from overshoot, a time when debts are coming due and the promise of everlasting growth is fading.

December 21, 2023

Bonus episode

Crazy Town Bonus Riff: Vanilla Andreessen, Pygmy Marmosets, and Hi-Tech Delusions

The most vomit-inducing document of 2023 has to be the “Techno-Optimist Manifesto,” written (oh so obviously) by a billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Join Jason, Rob, and Asher if you feel like sharing in some outrage and learning about a WAY better manifesto that just so happens to focus on the world’s smallest monkeys.

December 13, 2023

Bonus episode

Crazy Town Bonus Riff: Bundyville and Stories that Need to Be Told with Leah Sottile

Investigative journalist Leah Sottile writes articles teeming with insights, and she produces and hosts podcasts filled with ah-ha moments. Rob tries not to sound like too much of a fanboy as he interviews Leah about political extremism, environmentalism, and the craft of storytelling during the Great Unraveling.

November 15, 2023

chickens in crops

Chris Smaje Vs. George Monbiot and the Debate on the Future of Farming

We need constructive debates about food and farming so that we can find the best ideas for addressing the desperate business at hand: figuring out how to live healthily on a healthy planet.

October 27, 2023

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