Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis is a poet, writer and activist working to give voice to the more-than-human world. His writings have appeared in Resilience, Dark Mountain, Atlanta Review, Counterflow and others, as well as the anthologies Singing the Salmon Home and For the Love of Orcas. He’s also author of the poetry/essay collection The Silence of Vanishing Things. Lately, he’s been writing about how the climate isn’t a machine with an engineering fix, but a living system that only can only be healed through restraint and restoration, at

Wildfire in Montana

Burning For Water: Mni Wiconi and its Antipode

We’re not alone in this. The land knows what to do and is striving to do so all around the globe at this very moment. Isn’t it time we notice?

September 6, 2023


A Walking Reflection on Millan Millan and the Mystery of the Missing Mediterranean Storms

The Earthward turn is the inevitable turn. We are on that path whether we recognize it or not.

August 8, 2023

Spanish maqui scrubland

Millan Millan and the Mystery of the Missing Mediterranean Storms

Welcome to the story of Millan Millan and the Mystery of the Missing Mediterranean Storms, where we follow the over fifty year-long career of noted Mediterranean meteorologist Millan M. Millan, profoundly expanding our view of climate change along the way.

July 17, 2023

solar farm in Georgia

Fast Tracking Extinction: The Rush to Streamline Permitting for “Green” Energy

This picture paints its own conclusion: fast-tracking renewable infrastructure in America will fast-track our extinction crisis.

May 15, 2023

suburban land change

Land Change, Failures of Omission, and the Renaturing of Climate

Land change is a scientific term you’re not likely to hear in mainstream climate conversation, which is a shame, because what it refers to, the climatic effects of human damage to living landscapes, is a big part of the climate crisis.

October 4, 2022


Putting the Land Back In Climate

What if there’s another side to climate change, one less concerned with what we put in the atmosphere than what we do to the land, a side which, despite four decades of climate education, has yet to be explained to us?

September 7, 2022