Restoring the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta: Reversing a Century of Colombian Tragedy

If the Ciénaga Grande is going to recover, it needs long-term integrated research and planning, with local community participation and even guardianship, which has a record of success in other local and Indigenous-led areas.

Solving the Climate Crisis Requires Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Enrolling local tribal experts as science advisers, partners, and co-managers in addressing biodiversity loss, climate change, legacy pollutants, and other pernicious issues not only makes sense, but is the only way to effectively turn things around.

Appropriate Technology, Traditional Cultures and Degrowth

Traditional/original AT, based on communal social arrangements, hand-crafted from local, natural materials that cultures have used since centuries mostly for subsistence purposes, satisfies practically all of the principles of deep sustainability.

The body as territory: The Misaks: Balance and harmony as medicine

Balance and harmony are so fundamental for the Misak people’s way of life that they are willing to go to the streets to fight for it, if necessary – but always peacefully, and with their face masks firmly in place.

The body as territory: The Kamëntšá Biyá: Land use planning in defense of the sacred

In this transmedia series, we will enter three very different emblematic indigenous communities in Colombia through the eyes of three different indigenous reporters — a journalist and two filmmakers— to tell their stories of community resilience.

Tyson Yunkaporta on permaculture, systems thinking & the pattern of creation

Permaculture isn’t a form of gardening – it’s a method of inquiry about relationships – that’s all it is. And it’s awesome and in that way it’s similar to traditional ecological knowledge from all over the planet and it’s a constantly shifting evolving body of knowledge too, that’s never the same in the same place twice. Love it!

Being connected to the land

While late 2019 and the year 2020 will probably be remembered for the covid-19 pandemic, the world should not forget about another disaster: The bushfires in Australia, that this year were unusually intense and out of control. What let them be so terribly out of control in the first place?