Accelerating recovery of wild European mammals brings hope of wider nature regeneration

In sum, while the world is facing a human-induced mass extinction event and unprecedented losses of biodiversity and wildlife worldwide, it is important to remember the power we have to make positive choices to protect species and the environments they live in and upon which we all depend.

Radical Conservation: Misdirections, New Directions

Imagining conservation outside the capitalist box is a liberating exercise, countering eco-anxieties and catastrophic nightmares, while releasing positive collective energy. A movement united around a convivial conservation vision would be a powerful change agent in the Great Transition.

The Revolution Will Not Be “Green”

Long imagined as a bulwark against ecological destruction, players in the mainstream conservation movement—think big NGOs like The Nature Conservancy and their corporate partners—have actually been complicit in that destruction by propping up a fundamentally unsustainable capitalist system and the nature-culture dichotomy it’s built upon.