Crazy Town 85. Escaping Globalism: Rebuilding the Local Economy One Pig Thyroid at a Time

From the top of a skyscraper in Dubai, Jason, Rob, and Asher chug margaritas made from the purest Greenland glacier ice as they cover the “merits” of globalism. International trade brings so many things, like murder hornets and deadly supply chain disruptions. The opposite of globalism is localism — learn how to build a secure local economy that can keep Asher alive, hopefully at least through the end of the season.

Ecology of the 1%

The bugs and bacteria and fungi of the radical underground economy metabolize and redistribute every resource without judgment of identity and rank, some of it circled back to feed the roots of plants while aboveground leaves open towards the sun to harvest the primitive accumulation of 1% from which all the world’s wealth trickles down.

Seven things I learned at Feeding Ourselves 2024

Feeding ourselves is a lot of things – it’s a network, it’s an event, it’s movement building – and it’s growing. First with CSAs, then agroecologists, then local food proponents, then those with wider food justice concerns, then environmentalists and ruralists, and now also conventional farmers from the region – in all their way, with their own diversities.