Crazy Town 93. Escaping Escapism: What a Bizarre Rodent Ritual Can Teach Us About Navigating a World We Can’t Really Escape

After a full season of trying to escape more than a dozen evil -isms (fun things like capitalism, industrialism, extremism, and otherism), Rob, Jason, and Asher come to one conclusion: there is no true escape — at least not for those of us who want to help their communities collapse and re-emerge gracefully.

Crazy Town 91. Escaping Extremism: Slap Fighting Our Way to a More Civil Society

The forces of media, technology, and even the wiring of our own brains seem aligned to draw people toward extremism. But never fear: Asher, Jason, and Rob unpack why we’re so susceptible to wackadoodle viewpoints and offer ways to tamp down extremist thinking and behavior in ourselves, our communities, and across society.

Crazy Town 90. Escaping Humanocentrism: Why a Slime Mold Will Be President in 2028

The myth of human dominion and exceptionalism is as old as the Bible and as unquestioned as gravity, at least in “modern” society. Rob, Asher, and Jason explore the ways that humanocentrism has come to dominate the planet and our minds, while pointing to ancient and newly emerging ways that the more-than-human world is respected and protected, even the dung beetle.

Crazy Town 88. Escaping Imperialism: Where Does Darth Vader Get His Lithium?

Perhaps no community has undergone more versions of imperialism than the tiny island nation of Nauru, which has morphed from being “Pleasant Island” to the mined-out home of offshore banks, discarded refugees, and deep sea mining interests. Jason, Rob, and Asher take a bad trip to wrap their heads around Nauru, the topic of “psychedelic imperialism,” and imperialism’s new frontier – the clean energy transition.

Crazy Town 85. Escaping Globalism: Rebuilding the Local Economy One Pig Thyroid at a Time

From the top of a skyscraper in Dubai, Jason, Rob, and Asher chug margaritas made from the purest Greenland glacier ice as they cover the “merits” of globalism. International trade brings so many things, like murder hornets and deadly supply chain disruptions. The opposite of globalism is localism — learn how to build a secure local economy that can keep Asher alive, hopefully at least through the end of the season.

Crazy Town 84.  Escaping Technologyism: Dreams of AI Sheep and the Deadliest Word in Film History

Modern humans have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship to technology, which has kidnapped us while convincing us it has our best interests in mind. But when one looks back at the history of plastics or the current frenzy around AI, it isn’t hard to see the insanity of doubling down on new technology to save us from previous technology.

Crazy Town 83. Escaping Speedism: How to Slow Down and Enjoy the Collapse

Consult your inner tortoise to find novel ways of slowing down and living the good life. In a world haunted by just-in-time delivery, hyperactive business, accelerating environmental calamities, and metric tons of stress, Jason, Rob, and Asher work at a fast and furious pace to savor the moments, because there aren’t many left.

Crazy Town 82. Escaping Urbanism: Green Acres, Climate Migration, and the End of the Megacity

Did a whimsical 1960s TV sitcom presage climate migration and a reversal of urban growth? We’re not calling for a Godzilla-esque teardown of cities, but climate change is forcing a serious urban rethink. Jason, Rob, and Asher offer visions of better infrastructure, policies, and culture that you can embrace, even if your home is in the city.