Native ‘hempsters’ follow global cooperative example

A global enterprise based in Spain may seem an unlikely role model for a fledging American Indian initiative. But inspired by its success, Winona’s Hemp and Heritage Farm in Anishinaabeg territory is sowing the start of an intertribal cooperative consortium.

Impact Investing in Native Communities: Answer or Assimilation?

Growth in Native communities is relationship-based, not economy-based, and so Native CFDIs are putting much effort into building localized decision-making that provides not only financial support, but also builds trust.

Tribes and water protectors ward off new Black Hills gold rush

The moment the U.S. Forest Service posted its July notice of a draft decision to permit gold prospecting at Jenny Gulch here in the Black Hills, tribes, water protectors and treaty rights defenders turned out in droves to ward off the project and others like it.

Native American Storytelling, One Pint at a Time

Crisp and other Native brewers are successfully making space for themselves, their voices, and their stories in today’s craft beer movement through lagers, sours, porters, and ales—to beer drinkers’ delight. These brewers are upholding their peoples’ pasts while looking to the future, glasses raised.