Native American Storytelling, One Pint at a Time

Crisp and other Native brewers are successfully making space for themselves, their voices, and their stories in today’s craft beer movement through lagers, sours, porters, and ales—to beer drinkers’ delight. These brewers are upholding their peoples’ pasts while looking to the future, glasses raised.

Brewing, Local Economies and the Imagination

One of the most fascinating craft breweries in the UK can be found nestled in a series of arches beneath a railway bridge in Bermondsey in London. For the last 9 years, The Kernel, under the guidance of its founder Evin O’Riordan, have pioneered not just amazing and distinctive beers, but also an approach rooted in connection to place, to a different way of doing business.

How Craft Brewers Are Embracing New Water Technologies

The exploding craft beer movement is taking on the challenges of a water-constrained world and improving conservation and efficiency in production. Some are even experimenting with using recycled water in their brews.

The Role of Imagination in Craft Brewing

As much as I see imagination coming through in the beers that people are making, I see it coming through in the business models and the experiences that they’re offering.  To me this is still somewhat of a golden age in what’s possible from an imaginative standpoint in craft beer.

On Brewing Beer to Capture the Imagination

Shaun Hill is the founder and CEO of Hill Farmstead in Vermont, who are, for me, one of the most imaginative breweries in the world. Based on the farm that has been home to his family for over 230 years, Hill Farmstead’s mission statement is “to hand craft succinct, elegant beers of distinction and to revive and diversify the farmscape of the Hill Farmstead in Greensboro”.

Podcast: How is the New Economy Embodied in a Pint of Beer?

Craft beer has begun to bring back many of the most important values and characteristics of beer that were lost for so long, going far beyond just taste. This is an important theme that Rob Hopkins, the co-founder of the Transition Town movement and founder of New Lion Brewery, explores throughout the episode.

Rob ‘Hop King’: my First Year as a Hop Farmer

I was inspired for some time by the Hop Clubs started in Brixton and elsewhere, in particular by Crystal Palace Transition Town’s ‘Palace Pint’ project, growing hops in many locations across their neighbourhood, including their ‘Tipsy Garden’ in a local pub, and by the Stroud Brewery who do it too.