The struggle to keep public water services in the public is only just beginning

As we work for public financing and control, we can join with others around the world who are rejecting the concept of water as a for-profit commodity and organizing to reclaim their access to water as a basic human right.

Mexican Village Sets International Precedent in Water Conflict Resolution

After nearly 17 years of creative resistance and six visits from the man who is now Mexico’s president – three of them in recent months — the tiny colonial town of Temacapulín has become a model in the resolution of water-related conflicts.

The Colorado River Runs Again

On May 1, 2021, the river once again flowed in its delta thanks to an agreement between the United States and Mexico dubbed Minute 323. Through Oct. 11, a total of 35,000 acre-feet of water (11.4 billion gallons) will be released downstream from Morelos Dam on the U.S.-Mexico border to quench the thirst of this long-withered ecosystem.

The Transformative Power of Water: Flood Survivor/Activist Katherine Egland Fights the Struggle for Human Dignity

Around the world, across cultures and time, water has manifested itself as both life-creating and life-destroying. Never static, it constantly changes and transforms those in its wake. This is profoundly true for Katherine Egland.