How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts — instead of watching epic atmospheric river rainfall drain into the Pacific

All that runoff in the middle of a drought begs the question — why can’t more rainwater be collected and stored for the long, dry spring and summer when it’s needed?

Op-ed: Flood survivors find common ground in a divided nation

Today, Americans have sorted ourselves into communities defined by geography, demography, ideology— and opportunities to communicate across those divides are exceedingly rare. But the shared trauma of flooding offers an opening.

The Transformative Power of Water: Flood Survivor/Activist Katherine Egland Fights the Struggle for Human Dignity

Around the world, across cultures and time, water has manifested itself as both life-creating and life-destroying. Never static, it constantly changes and transforms those in its wake. This is profoundly true for Katherine Egland.

If We Want to Cut Flooding We Should Stop Burning the Moorland

Since 2014, when I first wrote about how government policies exacerbate flooding, there has been a growing realisation, in and out of government, that impeding the flow of water off the land, desynchronising flood peaks in the tributaries and slowing a river’s pace can reduce flooding downstream – saving lives, homes and infrastructure.

While South Carolina Floods, U.S. Wrestles With Urban Stormwater

Among the devastating effects of the low pressure storm system that pummeled South Carolina over the weekend was the heavy damage the record-breaking rains caused to water transport and treatment infrastructure, and the release of a tide of contaminated stormwater.

Cities are Finally Treating Water as a Resource, not a Nuisance

Memorial Day barbecues and parades were thwarted this year in Houston when a massive storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain in two days, creating a Waterworld of flooded freeways, cars, houses and businesses, leaving several people dead and hundreds in need of rescue.