Overcoming authoritarian centrism – a vision for the climate movement

With COP28 starting and this time hosted in one of the most intensely carbon polluting countries, it is time to reflect on the where and what of the climate movement. …We need to learn to search in ourselves for the points where false hope is keeping us from really expressing what deep down we are convinced of. In other words, we need to grow up and break the chains of self-censorship…

A slow-motion Gaza or how to carbonize Planet Earth

Amid the daily headlines about the nightmare in Gaza and the earlier ones about the war in Ukraine, that other war, the potentially ultimate one that humanity is waging on the planet itself (with the slow-motion equivalent of nuclear weapons — the burning of fossil fuels), is getting all too little attention. And yet it should be considered the equivalent, even if in slow-motion, of World War III.

A Third Way?

Increasingly, with the never-ending burning of fossil fuels, Ground Zero is no longer a single city of any sort, but this planet itself and, whether we’ve already found a third way to destroy ourselves (and so much else) or not, there is something awesomely ominous about our urge to destroy so much with our multiplying versions of fallout.

A review of One Hundred Years of Insanity, by Bob Lloyd

This book – and others it references, particularly Donella Meadows’ Thinking in Systems’ – should be a standard read for university students, but I suspect it will only be read by those who are already-there, or at least already well-on-the-way.