A review of One Hundred Years of Insanity, by Bob Lloyd

This book – and others it references, particularly Donella Meadows’ Thinking in Systems’ – should be a standard read for university students, but I suspect it will only be read by those who are already-there, or at least already well-on-the-way.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 92 Per Espen Stoknes

Per Espen Stoknes is a psychologist with a PhD in economics, a TED Global speaker, and also serves as the director of Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School. He answers the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”

Hippos in the Bayou: Human Hubris and the Ecological Mayhem of Introduced Species (Episode 57 of Crazy Town)

What kind of thinking leads to the unleashing of exotic species on unsuspecting ecosystems? Hint: it’s certainly not systems thinking or critical thinking – in fact, thinking may not be involved at all!