Degrowthers Gain Support as Planet Cooks. Can They Ally With Green New Dealers?

A world of radical democracy and equality — of “public luxury and private sufficiency,” with much less hierarchy and much more free time — would enable historic advances in the quality of life for the masses even if some consumer goods disappear from the menu.

Degrowth: The awakening of consciousness before an alternative

Degrowth fights for the construction of positive, healthy scenarios for future generations, respecting the environment and cultural diversity through a reorientation of economic activity that abandons unlimited individual growth for a social growth that is measured, such that others can simply live.

Degrowth requires the Global South to default on its foreign debts

Ending the unequal exchange that traps the Global South in poverty and extractivism and paving the way for a degrowth transition will require an alliance of countries prepared to default on their foreign debts, and strong movements in the Global North ready to defend them when they do.