Through-Lines of Domination

Progressives need a whole-systems agenda based on a partnership-oriented narrative of our past, present, and the possibilities for our future that no longer marginalizes the majority of humanity—women and children—to counter regressions to domination worldwide and build a more equitable, sustainable, and caring socioeconomic partnership system.

Separate or Relational and Truly Rational? A Few Notes on Gender, Nature, and Modernity’s Patriarchal Heritage

The downplaying of the constitutively relational character of human life has severe consequences for both the relationship with other humans and with nature.

From Pornography to Agriculture: Challenging Hierarchy

Whatever the future of this broken world, today we can attend to the work of repair and restoration. That does not require hope in what is to come but, rather, a belief in our ability to manage our lives without hierarchy and a faith in each other’s capacity for mutuality.