Keeping the world alive and healthy: The radical realism of the “forces of reproduction” – An interview with Stefania Barca

While capitalism has taught us to identify the first with money-making and the second with life-making – a necessary but nevertheless subordinated, dependent and qualitatively inferior activity – climate justice movements are claiming the progressive, i.e. egalitarian, emancipatory, and wealth-producing agency of reproductive forces.

Confronting neoliberalism with feminist climate justice

The feminist approach to climate justice therefore demands that governments, civil society, private sector, environmentalists should address the causes and effects of climate change, not as a single issue, but in recognition of the full spectrum of the numerous challenges that communities face

Critical ecofeminism as a panacea for our ecological identity crisis

In Western society and culture, which is now dominant or prevalent globally, women are treated as inferior to men, ‘nature’ is treated as inferior to ‘culture’, and humans are understood as being separate from, and often superior to, the natural environment. Dualism’s logical structure of otherism and negation lies at the root of propelling and exacerbating the problem.

Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse

From my point of view –which comes from systems dynamics and environmentalism rather than from feminism– one of the tools that can best help feminist economics articulate a coherent discourse is the pattern of collapse.