UNEP: Net-zero pledges provide an ‘opening’ to close growing emissions ‘gap’

The recent net-zero pledges by major emitting countries and the potential for a “green recovery” from the Covid-19 pandemic “presents the opening” for the world to close the growing “gap” between existing commitments and what is needed to limit global warming to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

President Obama on Climate Action: OK Boomer

Telling young Asian leaders that they’re basically on their own when it comes to defending against climate change because old people are not going to worry about this as much is not the message you should be sending.

Now is the time when the generations need to feed off each other’s strengths.

Trudeau Will Fuel the Fires of our Climate Crisis if he Approves Canada’s Mega Mine

From a climate and economic perspective, Canada clearly needs a different plan than expanding oil and gas. Such a plan means standing up to the oil industry’s unrelenting lobby and recognizing the oil sands, which already produce 2.91m barrels a day and climbing, are more than big enough.

CO2 Emissions in Developed Economies Fall Due to Decreasing Fossil Fuel and Energy Use

The research team analysed the reasons behind changes in CO2 emissions in countries where emissions declined significantly between 2005 and 2015. The findings, published in Nature Climate Change, show that the fall in CO2 emissions was mainly due to renewable energy replacing fossil fuels and to decreasing energy use.

How Far would Germany’s 2038 Coal Phaseout Breach Paris Climate Goals?

The recommendation by Germany’s coal commission that the country end its use of the fossil fuel in power stations by 2038 could breach a Paris Agreement-compatible pathway by more than a billion tonnes of CO2, Carbon Brief analysis shows.