To keep fossil carbon out of the air, just stop pulling it out of the Earth

Ending the extraction of fossil fuels from the Earth while achieving material sufficiency, equity and justice would move us a long way toward the more livable future that the people who gathered outside COP26 — along with billions of others around the world — are demanding and are standing ready to create.

President Obama on Climate Action: OK Boomer

Telling young Asian leaders that they’re basically on their own when it comes to defending against climate change because old people are not going to worry about this as much is not the message you should be sending.

Now is the time when the generations need to feed off each other’s strengths.

The UN Climate Talks are Coming to Britain. The Climate Justice Movement will be Ready

But by playing host to COP26, the movement has a chance to push for the country to redefine its relationship to the rest of the world in the post-Brexit era. Those who refuse to let imperial nostalgia become the accepted goal for the UK can and should put forward an alternative vision of international solidarity and cooperation…

Big Oil and Gas Nations Sideline the Science at Katowice, Even as Emissions Rise and Warming Accelerates

Just as four big oil and gas producers block the UN climate policymaking conference in Katowice, Poland from welcoming a report on the science of the 1.5 degree Celsius (°C) target which it had commissioned three years earlier in Paris, new evidence has emerged of the striking contradiction between word and deed at COP24.