How young climate activists built a mass movement to be reckoned with

What’s clear is that, armed with wisdom from the past and a willingness to experiment that has long been a hallmark of youth climate activism, the movement of the future has potential to further re-shape politics in ways most of us can’t even imagine.

Where there is guilt, there is a chance for justice and healing

I believe an aversion to feeling guilty has no place in a meaningful global climate movement. Because without any recognition of fault and how past injury shapes current power, there is little basis for moving towards either justice or healing.

“We Have to Start Questioning What Systems We Are Participating In”

That is why they are called non-renewable resources, for example. Because Mother Earth doesn’t have the ability to renew those resources at the same speed at which we’re taking them.

Real Climate Action’s Not at COP-27, but It Is in a Thousand Rebellious Communities

In the peril-filled decade ahead, local, collective struggles by people of all ages—as exemplified by Extinction Rebellion, PODER, and Start:Empowerment—will be essential to advancing multiracial, pluralistic democracy and climate justice nationwide.

Accessibility and resilience: Rebuilding a society for all bodies and needs

By joining the forces of the disability rights movement and environmental activism and using the hard learned lessons of both we can strive to dismantle existing systems of oppression and build a new society where accessibility, resilience, and sustainability are fundamental values, rather than afterthoughts.