Campaign to shut down New England’s last coal plant is doing ‘what must be done’ for the planet

“This is what the state, this is what the fossil fuel industry will do to protect this big, outdated, ancient asset — instead of protecting us, the people, and taking action against the climate crisis.”

Without missing a beat, Shapiro-Weiss boldly stated, “This is why we’re doing this.”

Overcoming Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘three evils of society’

In this spirit, let us set forth with truth, love and justice as our guides, mourning the cost of needless harm while nurturing the promise of radical transformation.

Let us move, in a word, from despair to beloved community.

Fighting injustice can trigger trauma — we need to learn how to process it and take healing action

Trauma is not conducive to creative thinking. Which brings us to another paradox of these times ― how do we slow down enough so that we can fully utilize our neocortex and listen to our hearts while addressing the real urgency and opportunity of this moment?

Why We Need to Move Closer to Martin Luther King’s Understanding of Nonviolence

Nonviolence is not about what not to do. It is about what you are going to do about the violence and injustice we see in our own hearts, our homes, our neighborhoods and society at large. It is about taking a proactive stand against violence and injustice. Nonviolence is about action, not inaction.

A Taste of Palestine: Cultivating Resistance

On this culinary tour with a twist, we travelled the West Bank meeting farmers and food producers, eating in local restaurants and with families in refugee camps and Bedouin villages. Heartening and heart-wrenching in equal measure, the ten days spent exploring Palestinian food culture showed a people with a deep love for the land and the food traditions that come with it.

How Maine Climate Activists Found their Power Potential by Moving Past One-off Protests

Rob Levin, a Quaker attorney in Portland, Maine, has been concerned about the growing climate crisis for years. Recently, he came to see that using nonviolent direct action could increase his effectiveness on the issue.

Why Are the Danes so Happy? Because their Economy makes Sense

The World Happiness Report puts Danes consistently in the top tier. Twice in the past four years Denmark came in first. Danes also report more satisfaction with their health care than anyone else in Europe, which makes sense, since happiness is related to a sense of security and others being there for you. A fine health care system makes that real.