Overcoming Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘three evils of society’

In this spirit, let us set forth with truth, love and justice as our guides, mourning the cost of needless harm while nurturing the promise of radical transformation.

Let us move, in a word, from despair to beloved community.

Climate Change, Poverty and Human Rights: An Emergency without Precedent

The devastating impacts of climate change on those already living in poverty are increasingly difficult or impossible to avoid. Given the failure of many states to meet their own obligations, it is crucial that the responsibility of businesses to respect human rights be taken seriously by those advocating for climate action.

A Letter to Steven Pinker about Global Poverty

We can end poverty right now simply by making the rules of our global economy fairer for the world’s majority (I describe how we can do this in The Divide, looking at everything from wages to debt to trade).  But that is an approach that you and Gates seem desperate to avoid, in favour of a blustering defense of the status quo.