Orchard, forest, a fruit tree for every home: communities planting trees for the future

From everyone I have spoken to who has either co-ordinated, or been part of, a community tree planting activity, it is clear it’s one of the most satisfying things we can do, where we can watch the impacts literally grow over time.

How to re-imagine a city

Transition Southampton used seed funding to work in three very different parts of the city. Rob Hopkins spoke to Clare, Liz and Si from the group to find out how they used enticing ‘What If?’ questions and built on existing connections to help local people imagine a different future for their neighbourhoods and what emerged from the project.

From Tiny Acorns: celebrating 21 years of the Kinsale permaculture course

The idea of a permaculture course that might go on to change the world would have seemed a completely absurd idea that June day in John Thuellier’s office. But as Naomi Klein says, “there are no non-radical solutions left”.

“Hope with its sleeves rolled up” blooms in Wellington

If positive feedbacks can be the way we describe how the world unravels and declines, perhaps it’s time we started using them as a way of describing what is so evident in Wellington: that self-reinforcing expansion of confidence and sense of what’s possible that comes from seeing real people creating real change on the ground.

Building Community Action Through Climate Hubs

Community-led climate hubs are springing up across the UK. They’re a response to inaction by global governments on the climate crisis, and the realisation that to avoid the worst we need to take action ourselves, while constantly pressing governments for ambitious policy matching the scale of the challenge.

Developing an immune system for the Transition movement

What changes to ourselves, our groups and wider society would help us to build new systems? Systems that can deliver fundamentally different outcomes to the one that has given us climate change and the many other environmental and social issues that we are struggling with globally.