Climate Action Epistemology Part 6: Developing an Intellectually and Politically Active Culture

It’s essential to understand that knowledge is power, to have a solid analytical framework with the right guiding questions, and to work with others to share the significant costs involved in becoming deeply informed.

From Tiny Acorns: celebrating 21 years of the Kinsale permaculture course

The idea of a permaculture course that might go on to change the world would have seemed a completely absurd idea that June day in John Thuellier’s office. But as Naomi Klein says, “there are no non-radical solutions left”.

The hour is getting late – our expanded “Surviving the Future: Conversations for our Time” offerings

In these benighted times, I am delighted to be able to offer something wonderful!!

In partnership with Vermont’s Sterling College, the new and expanded ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time‘ offering – now featuring three elements, in response to requests from our growing community…

Transforming the University to Confront the Climate Crisis, Part 3

This final part of the series presents a vision of new type of university, exemplified in the world-spanning Ecoversities Alliance, and dreamed of in Transition U and Eco Vista U, two prototypes that I am involved in co-creating with students, staff, faculty, and community members in Santa Barbara, California, and in the Transition US movement.