In these benighted times, I am delighted to be able to offer something wonderful!!

In partnership with Vermont’s Sterling College, the new and expanded Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time offering – now featuring three elements, in response to requests from our growing community…

“So let us not talk falsely now,
The hour is getting late.” — Bob Dylan

Firstly, our next live 8-week course will be the ‘Deeper Dive’ that many have been asking for, into and beyond the magical Lean Logic.

From January 31st I’ll be leading this latest adventure, joined by luminaries Jason Hickel, Vandana Shiva, Kali Akuno, Isa Frémeaux, Rob Hopkins, Eve Annecke, Nate Hagens and David Abram!

Having opened registration a month ago we already have 30 enrollees, so move fast if you’re keen to join.  I believe it’s essential to this experience that the group is not too large, so may well decide to cap it.

And as ever, pricing is on a trust-based ‘pay what’s right for you’ basis, including full scholarships, since it would wildly contradict the content for anyone to be prevented from participating due to their financial situation.

Or if that time commitment is too great, or the dates don’t work for you for any reason – like perhaps you’re reading this post after Jan 2022! – I have also developed a self-directed version of the course, A Path Through Tumultuous Times, which I’m particularly thrilled with.

The challenge here was to honour two seemingly contrary impulses.  On the one hand, we heard the calls for an offering that would be available to people 365 days a year, to take in their own time, at their own speed and in their own style.  On the other, conversation and community are at the heart of all the Surviving the Future offerings, and I didn’t want to lose that magic…

Our solution is to offer you options!  As you move through the course you will find that you can treat it entirely as a solo experience, fitting it into your lifestyle as you will.  Or if you’re keen to, you’ll find many opportunities for meaningful interaction with me and others, far beyond the pre-recorded.

And the final element of the new StF offering is the series of stand-alone Conversations for Our Time events.

At these online conversations I invite key figures to converse on some of today’s thorniest issues. And then invite you to join.  In place of the traditional Q&A, in the second half of each two-hour event the invited speakers each host a smaller-scale breakout room, for reflective conversation with whichever of us choose to take part.

If you’re new to the collaborative, conversational nature of our wider Conversations for Our Time program, these represent a perfect opportunity to get a feel for things, while contributing as little or as much as you wish.

And the first will be on Tuesday January 18th, with myself, David Abram and Eve Annecke discussing with a small group under the title Surviving the Future of Education.  By all means join us!

Naturally, all of this has kept me very busy over recent months, but it’s now a great satisfaction to be able to offer something to the world that feels deeply needed, and to open our warm community to those who haven’t been able to take part in the live courses over the past couple of years.

For my part, I’m much looking forward to the Deeper Dive over the coming months, and then to a lot more reading and writing throughout 2022 than proved to be the case in 2021!  This blog should be far less neglected, for starters, with several pieces in draft awaiting my attention…

For now though, I look forward to meeting many of you through all of the above offerings, and will close with one of my favourite emerging themes from the Conversations for Our Time over the past couple of years – the sharing of songs that speak to the times we’re in, new and old!

Teaser photo credit: Public Domain