Rural Europe Takes Action | The Sámi Environmental Programme

I am proud of the Sámi parliament for creating the Environmental Programme – called Eallinbiras in Sámi. It is more of a life programme. We are trying to convey the Sámi culture to inspire others to have a more sustainable view on life.

‘Climate Dystopia at Our Doorstep’: Tens of Millions Battle Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan

With hundreds of thousands of people displaced, more than four million crops destroyed, and nearly a million homes demolished or severely damaged, Pakistani officials and rights campaigners on Monday called for a major international aid push….

I Pledge…With Environmental and Climate Justice for All (Part 2)

In the case of integrative climate-related policies that seek to redress injustices, as well as to address Earth’s warming, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the terms environmental, energy, and climate justice. Although sharing some core characteristics, e.g., limiting access to the policymaking process, the terms are not interchangeable.

From COVID-19 to Climate: Lessons for Climate Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing deep inequalities in race and economic status, and the inadequacy of the nation’s social safety nets. Still, the massive social disruption caused by the pandemic offers important lessons to consider as we craft strategies for aggressive climate action.