The Global Tapestry of Alternatives: Stories of Resilience, Existence, and Re-Existence

Are we ready to constructively challenge each other, offer active solidarity to each other whenever needed, interweave the initiatives in common actions, and support the conditions for the radical systemic changes we need?

The body as territory: The Misaks: Balance and harmony as medicine

Balance and harmony are so fundamental for the Misak people’s way of life that they are willing to go to the streets to fight for it, if necessary – but always peacefully, and with their face masks firmly in place.

The Path to a Livable Future: Excerpt

And, to complete the circle, neither racial justice nor health justice nor environmental justice nor climate justice can be fully secured without turning the existing economy inside out, dedicating it to meeting society’s needs, not feeding the net worth of the plutocrats.

Urban Walkability Gains a Foothold in the U.S.

Only time will tell, but a city built around 15-minute travel via nonmotorized transportation is one that can upend the way planners think about neighborhoods and mobility, and may ultimately render cars unnecessary in all aspects of personal transportation.

Ten Lessons from Covid for Stepping into the Decade of Transformation

If this is the decade when all the “streams” finally converge into a larger “river” of global movement building — if this is the decade of transformation — what can we learn from the Covid disruption about how to move forward?