A Call to Defend Bicycling Infrastructure: Why Are We Neglecting Something So Essential?

In my experience, there is nothing in the human-built environment that can compete with the beauty and wonder of natural landscapes, but if I were to hold one thing in the anthro-environment sacred, it would be the cycling infrastructure.

‘Zero crashes, zero congestion, zero emissions’ – the perennial myths of autonomous vehicles

For a hundred years the auto industry has held out visions of a trouble-free future for drive-everywhere society – and that future is always about 20 years away. Peter Norton urges us to see the current hype about automated vehicles in the cold light of the failed promises of the past.

Urban Walkability Gains a Foothold in the U.S.

Only time will tell, but a city built around 15-minute travel via nonmotorized transportation is one that can upend the way planners think about neighborhoods and mobility, and may ultimately render cars unnecessary in all aspects of personal transportation.