A Call to Defend Bicycling Infrastructure: Why Are We Neglecting Something So Essential?

In my experience, there is nothing in the human-built environment that can compete with the beauty and wonder of natural landscapes, but if I were to hold one thing in the anthro-environment sacred, it would be the cycling infrastructure.

Celebrating the cargo bike revolution: A review of Motherload

The film closes with an image that will tug at the heart-strings of all parents, but particularly those in bicycling families: her twins, who first explored their world from the open-air box of a cargo bike, now pedal away on their own bikes, under their own power, down their own road.

Pedal Power: The Cycling Revolution Cleaning our Air, Clearing Congestion, Tackling Climate Breakdown and Improving Health

Car use may have risen enormously in the last 30 years in most countries, but some places have managed to get people out of motorised transport and on their bikes in huge numbers, reducing carbon emissions and increasing health and wellbeing.

A Tale of Three Cities – Cycling in Valencia, Paris and London

Although our geographic and political situations vary a great deal, nearly all cities in industrial civilization have been dominated by car culture for a few generations, and we face many common challenges as we work back towards cities that are safe for everyone who could and should be moving about our streets.

A Modest Investment with Major Dividends: Cycling Culture in the Netherlands

How would you describe the process in which a small country builds a 35,000 kilometer network of fully separated bike infrastructure – and traffic-calms 75 per cent of their urban streets to a speeds of 30 km/h (19 mph) or less?