Decolonizing Black Women’s Health Through Land Reparations

Our initiative, Restore Forward, weaves ancestral and traditional methods of healing: for the Earth itself as we restore the land, for each other as we restore broken relationships, and for ourselves as we rebalance connection, at a time when our world feels more fractured than ever.

Climate activists across the Global South and North unite to stop the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline

On last month’s annual celebration known as Africa Day, activists in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and elsewhere held demonstrations targeting French oil giant TotalEnergies’ involvement in African fossil fuel extraction projects.

Reconceptualising boundaries

In this short intervention, we bring a critical social science perspective to the Planetary Boundaries framework through the notion of societal boundaries and aim to provide a more nuanced understanding of the social nature of thresholds, one that it has the potential to offer guidelines for a just, social-ecological transformation.

Testing Justice: New Ways to Address Environmental Inequalities

Indigenous Knowledges (IK) are embedded in relationships to specific lands, cultures and communities.  The misconceptions of IK often represent a static pan-Indigenous framework without acknowledging the interconnected responsibility of place-based knowledge.