The Green Energy Transition Is Not Necessarily Just

While the idea of a just transition continues to play a significant role in policy debates, these conversations have largely neglected the fact that a green energy transition in the Global North will require vast mineral resources from the Global South as new technologies are deployed at scale.

Building a culture of health in the era of climate change

Live Well Springfield offers an innovative model of the future direction of multi-sector climate justice coalitions. Indeed, the Coalition will share its work with other public health professionals at the 2022 National Network for Public Health Institute Conference.

Our struggles are your struggles: stories of Indigenous resistance and regeneration

Standing Rock was a pivotal moment in regards to Indigenous resistance — but it was just one in a long line of battles that Indigenous peoples have been fighting against the twin forces of colonialism and capitalism since first contact.

Testing Justice: New Ways to Address Environmental Inequalities

Indigenous Knowledges (IK) are embedded in relationships to specific lands, cultures and communities.  The misconceptions of IK often represent a static pan-Indigenous framework without acknowledging the interconnected responsibility of place-based knowledge.