How climate adaptation plans for European cities are gradually getting better

We hope that our study – and the accompanying online tool – can help practitioners and policymakers reflect on what they can include in future plans, and thereby contribute towards improved resilience in cities across Europe and elsewhere.

The cooling, cleansing power of canopies – urban tree planting takes root

From the London borough of Hackney and Barcelona in Spain, to Freetown in Sierra Leone, increasing the number of trees in cities has been shown to be an important, low-cost, and rapid way to cut pollution, improve health and well-being, and make cities less vulnerable to extreme weather.

Travels in my Time Machine Part Two: the Utrecht bicycle rush hour

What would a city where people, children, goods, tools, food and so much more are moved around the city in a fossil fuel-free way, and in a way that promotes health, clean air, and conviviality, actually sound like? I’d always wondered.

How Corey Hagelberg is using art, culture and collaboration to help heal his community

Numbers and notable accolades aside, Hagelberg says his biggest motivator in continuing his work is to change the status quo by shining a light on the uncomfortable, systemic truths that have shaped his community — and many like it.