Building Thriving Communities: Making a Shift toward Relational and Restorative Care

For almost 50 years, Beth Mount has worked towards the ideal that every person with a disability can be a valued member of community life, promoting the positive futures and potentials of people with disabilities throughout the world who are together working to create more inclusive communities.

Stories for a living future

We cannot avoid having to walk through the ruins of our present civilization. But we can walk together to a living future, where our well-being and the well-being of the Earth are not in conflict, but part of a shared journey. This we can do.

Review: The Unheard Song by Cary Neeper

The plights of these two species shed invaluable light on the real-life situation we humans now face as a result of our shortsighted impacts on Earth’s ecology—but do so without hitting us over the proverbial head the way scenarios in a lesser novel might.

Boys and Oil with Taylor Brorby (Bonus episode of Crazy Town)

Taylor Brorby has written one hell of a memoir. It covers many critical topics that come up in Crazy Town, from fracking to civil disobedience to that most inept of  policies: aiming for infinite economic growth on a finite planet.