Grassroots democracy and peoples’ alternative practices in Southeast Asia

The exercise of grassroots democracy, however, need not focus on the state and its formal institutions. The role of the state is not intrinsic to the practice of grassroots democracy.

Stories for a living future

We cannot avoid having to walk through the ruins of our present civilization. But we can walk together to a living future, where our well-being and the well-being of the Earth are not in conflict, but part of a shared journey. This we can do.

Review | Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations

Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations is a powerful, multidimensional work of extraordinary vision and reach whose overarching theme of humans sharing encounters with our other-than-human relations presaged a project out of the ordinary.

Why the UN must rely more on indigenous wisdom and less on fossil fuels

It is time for the United Nations and its various agencies to recognize that its top-down organizational structure is not suited to address our myriad ecological crises, and rather use its influence to advocate for, and allocate its resources to support, land custodianship for the millions of indigenous communities keeping alive the knowledge of how to live within the bounty of what our mother Earth provides.

The deep divide between the American people and mainstream politics and media

To respond effectively to this situation, political debate needs to incorporate and reflect all the complexity and depth of today’s challenges, to encourage the conceptual space for a transformation in our worldview, beliefs and values as profound as any in human history.