The Commonsverse as a Parallel Polis: Opportunities and Challenges

Politicians and economists may dismiss the commons with a wave of the hand, but commoners understand a deeper truth – that the presumptions of capitalist modernity are profoundly flawed, if not already collapsing.

Binna Choi of the Casco Art Institute: Curating Art through Commoning

Choi has brought the ethic and practices of commoning to the creation of art and its exhibition. She and her colleagues have embraced commoning as an organizing principle for how a diverse team of artists can make art and work together.

Joe Brewer’s Bold Quest to Help Restore a Bioregion

Brewer instead puts forward a plan to create a planetary network of local living economies, organized as bioregions. This idea builds on the pioneering work of Dana Meadows and “The Limits to Growth” study published in the early 1980s.

Commoning our way through the climate crisis

As we embark upon this great transition that is already taking place, all efforts need to be focused on retiring the dying fossil fuel assets, what Vinay Gupta calls the ‘heroin of the economy’, while commoning the renewable and healthier assets being created in their stead.

David Sloan Wilson on Evolutionary Science and Prosocial Behavior

“If most antisocial behaviors are locally advantageous,” writes Wilson, “and most prosocial behaviors are locally disadvantageous, then we have an enormous problem explaining the nature of prosociality, including the nature of human morality, from an evolutionary perspective.”