What we have in common: The Forest Charter and shared stewardship of the earth

Only by considering our earth “as a whole” and creating a decision-making and governance system that allows meaningful participation by all its inhabitants can we create a future that will be successful and allow us all to thrive and flourish. 

Guidance from The Urban Commons Cookbook

The Urban Commons Cookbook seeks to answer such questions as: “Which ingredients of a cooperative community project most help it succeed? What are urban commons and how do they fit into current activist and civil society debates? And what tools and methods do commoners need to strengthen their work?“

Lockdown Reflections – A Bolton Story

One of our slogans which we diggers promote is ‘reclaim and extend the commons!’ Yet we have been as surprised as anybody else that this extension and reclamation of the commons should take this form of mass community mutual aid.

‘Chile Has Entirely Privatised Water, Which Means that Theft is Institutionalised’

Water is in the hands of large producers who have dried out our territory and compromised the lives of our communities. Ours is an extreme case: Chile has entirely privatised water, which means that theft is institutionalised. Chile has clearly prioritised extractive industries over the rights of communities to water.

The Concrete Garden – Land is Freedom! A Call to Reclaim our Cities

Spaces like the Concrete Garden or Les Grands Voisins are amazing in that they enable us to see that another society based on social harmony and a different understanding of work is possible. But let’s make these spaces permanent, let’s not confine them to small bubbles that can burst. We should demand that any piece of land unused for long period be permanently given to the community.