The Response: Mutual Aid with Joshua Potash

Mutual aid is a concept and practice that has come up many times in the stories we tell on The Response — so we thought it would be helpful to devote an entire episode to exploring what mutual aid is with someone who is deeply immersed in it on the ground.

The Response: Wartime Mutual Aid in Ukraine

In this episode, we’re highlighting stories of Ukrainian resistance and solidarity. A small but significant glimpse into how the Ukrainian people have come together to survive the war, to strengthen their communities, and to fight for each other and their autonomy.

‘A flame was lit in our hearts’ — How Ukrainians are building online networks for resistance and mutual aid

After witnessing how powerful Ukrainian civilians can be in the face of adversity, people can be hopeful that what kept them together in times of war will work in times of peace.

Mutual Aid Groups That Arose During COVID Gather to Build Power Regionally

More than two years after ad-hoc networks of collective care sprouted from the cracks of state neglect during the pandemic, mutual aid organizers across the U.S. are convening in Indiana this July to prepare these networks to face crisis, disasters and survival for the long haul.

Ukraine | the Green Road of Ecovillages – Communities that Protect

The Green Road has seen the global and the local Ukrainian ecovillage and permaculture communities involved in ongoing emergency support for people fleeing the war. 

Market Box delivers food—and solidarity—to the people

Nyhart believes this network of trust strengthens Market Box’s work and their ties to the community. “Some recipients may ask for an extra bag for a neighbor who needs food, too. That makes it easier for us to reach folks who need the help,” she said.