From Affirmative Action To Reparations: Bridging Racial Economic Inequality

Despite the regressive moves of the Supreme Court to hinder affirmative action in addressing racial inequality, communities across the country are providing a path forward to finally repair the racial inequality that has plagued the nation for so long.

Farming While Black: Excerpt

Finally, reparations demands that we release the frontier mentality that plagues progressive spaces. The frontier mentality is the erroneous idea that the way to solve existing problems is to create or grow an initiative led by white people, rather than support existing projects led by front-line communities.

For-Profit Investments Are not ‘Development’

The British government is ramping up its policy to divert taxpayers’ money into private hands – and away from the world’s poorest people, warns Labour’s Dan Carden.

The  UK-Africa Investment Summit will send a clear signal. The UK government’s aid policy will not be driven by evidence about how to best fight global poverty, but instead by naked free market ideology and the interests of British business.

Can Reparations Help us to Re-envision International Development?

Reparations are important because they provide an alternative vision of what international development could be if these issues were properly taken into account. Although originally defined in terms of active amends to repair a wrong, debates around reparations have grown to include new ways of understanding contemporary problems.

Amazon Uprising: Defunding the Destruction

Obviously, successfully preserving the remaining Amazon will take multiple solutions, both small scale and local and large scale and international. But if you are feeling hopeless about what’s happening, consider joining up to Amazon Uprising and protect some trees, while getting informed about what’s going on in the bigger picture.