Tikkun Eco Center : Spreading seeds of change

Victoria Collier and Ben Ptashnik are a couple with a vision: they want to teach how to create self-sustaining ecological community where people can grow food, disengage from destructive systems with the use of renewable energy and green building, and create community projects that benefit everyone while raising the quality of life for the next generations.

Ukraine | the Green Road of Ecovillages – Communities that Protect

The Green Road has seen the global and the local Ukrainian ecovillage and permaculture communities involved in ongoing emergency support for people fleeing the war. 

Refugio Tinti: Reflections of Nature’s Design

Apart from being a wildlife sanctuary and a permacultural model farm, the Refugio is an education and consultation center for reforestation practices and regenerative agriculture. 

Refugees and Restoration

But… What happens if we combine the efforts of ecosystem restoration with humanitarian aid and development, empowering refugees with the tools and the knowledge to build a better life? What if we transform refugee camps into regenerative camps?

Wellbeing Farm, a “Slow Tech Living Laboratory” for the Hudson Valley Bioregion

Wellbeing Farm will explore an array of innovative heritage and leading-edge technologies by which individuals, communities, and the Hudson Valley Bioregion can thrive in decades ahead – designing and realizing pragmatic, environmentally and economically sound tools for peacefully, equitably, and intelligently transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Permaculture Projects Creatively Respond to Crisis

What is so heartening is how permaculture design in action is proving resilient! Whether in small urban spaces or large land-based projects, designing for multi-functional uses is proving how valuable a permaculture approach can be.

Returning Land Back to the Commons

Today, some 400 members strong, we are still creating elements of the site. Now that we know the place so much better it is easier to plan the details. Most importantly, however, we have created a model for community land owner­ship that helps fulfil our multi-yield mission, parti­cu­larly when it comes to learning from natural systems and demonstrating appropriate possibilities for the 21st century.