Fusion Futures

How likely is it that the threads of thought and action attempting to reclaim cultures of restraint, restoration of nature and finding humanity’s place in that order, both at the local and the global level, over the last 100 years or so, would spread, let alone become dominant during any new pulse of free energy, so close on the heels of the frenzy of consumption of millions of years’ worth of stored sunlight (in fossil fuels)?

The power of community: Scaling the potential of regenerative aid in times of climate emergencies and other vulnerabilities

Over the last few years my organization, Green Releaf Initaitive, has been prototyping our permaculture gardens on select sites affected by disasters and displacement. At the core of our theory of change is not just “design” but regenerative design that invites us to go beyond sustainability and ways that we can apply it in contexts of aid and development.

David Holmgren’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of a conversation with permaculture co-originator David Holmgren, in which David continues sharing significant milestones from his many decades as a practicing permaculture designer.

Pandemic permaculture: Designing for resilience

It did not stop it, or make it any less real or stressful but permaculture design has clearly helped smooth decision making in times of crisis and has been a wellspring of ingenuity and optimism.  “This is the time to dream, better dreams – what is the future we want to have?” encourages and invites Fran.  

Permaculture Projects Creatively Respond to Crisis

What is so heartening is how permaculture design in action is proving resilient! Whether in small urban spaces or large land-based projects, designing for multi-functional uses is proving how valuable a permaculture approach can be.

Returning Land Back to the Commons

Today, some 400 members strong, we are still creating elements of the site. Now that we know the place so much better it is easier to plan the details. Most importantly, however, we have created a model for community land owner­ship that helps fulfil our multi-yield mission, parti­cu­larly when it comes to learning from natural systems and demonstrating appropriate possibilities for the 21st century.

The Yupaichani Network: Regenerative Practices in Action

In these times of economic, climate and political challenges, how do we move forward toward the world we collectively long for? Undaunted by language and cultural differences, this is a story of community collaboration, with the important ingredient of persistent insistence on the goal of ecosystem restoration.