Unite to Win: A groundbreaking coalition of groups to join ‘The Big One’

It is possible to change society in a way that is just and fair, to put care for people and nature at the forefront. It is possible to rediscover our collective power and change the course of history together. To make this a reality, this moment calls for a mass movement to stand together and become impossible to ignore.

Vigils for Tortuguita: Land Defenders Erupt in Solidarity

In Tortuguita’s honor, we will keep creating poetry and art, participating in mutual aid, fighting for abolition, mending, knocking down borders, transitioning, putting our bodies in between the state and its victims, and building radical models of care and community.

The Uncertain Activist: more thoughts on uncertainty

I have taken to heart the insight that possibly, the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis; that we see this thing we call ‘the climate’ through a window whose frame is itself the product of our toxic culture.

Some thoughts on strategy, and climate change, and feeling like you’re not trying your hardest…

“What can I do?”, “How hard should I try?”, “Why aren’t we all on the streets, night after night, fighting for change?”… Perhaps, all we can say at the end of it all is that asking these questions is an important part of the process. A sign that you’re still fighting, still human. You have not given up.