Oil companies and the windfalls of war

Do oil companies and their investors have a paramount right to profits earned through no sweat of their brows over families who, through no fault of their own, are forced to make decisions between food and fuel, between keeping the lights on and life-saving medicines?

‘A flame was lit in our hearts’ — How Ukrainians are building online networks for resistance and mutual aid

After witnessing how powerful Ukrainian civilians can be in the face of adversity, people can be hopeful that what kept them together in times of war will work in times of peace.

Ukraine | the Green Road of Ecovillages – Communities that Protect

The Green Road has seen the global and the local Ukrainian ecovillage and permaculture communities involved in ongoing emergency support for people fleeing the war. 

The Cost of Living Crisis & the Coming Crash

Driven by fossil fuels, powering new technologies, society (and the global climate) has been completely changed. But like all celebrations, that process is arguably coming to an end; and like all the best parties, those who have had a really good time don’t want it to stop!