The Cost of Living Crisis & the Coming Crash

Driven by fossil fuels, powering new technologies, society (and the global climate) has been completely changed. But like all celebrations, that process is arguably coming to an end; and like all the best parties, those who have had a really good time don’t want it to stop!

Food & agriculture – May 14

•Science as Dialogue: What My Garden and I Are Discussing in 2013

•Biofuels a big cause of famine

•Food Price Inflation as Redistribution: Towards a New Analysis of Corporate Power in the World Food System

•Over half the world’s population could rely on food imports by 2050 – study

•Agriculture and Livestock Remain Major Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Difficult Words #5: Illth

The first thing to know is that illth is a real word which you can find in Volume VII of the Oxford English Dictionary. It was coined in 1860 by John Ruskin, the English writer, artist, philanthropist and all-around too-smart-guy-with-spot-on-taste. Ruskin, from his vantage point in the cockpit of the industrial revolution, realized that reality had outpaced the language. In an era of spectacular explosions of riches and astounding leaps in material culture — that is, the stuff  that we have access to — there was something else happening, too.  That something was the opposite of wealth, which he termed illth.


Food & agriculture – April 30

• The Trouble with Biofuels: Costs and Consequences of Expanding Biofuel Use in the United Kingdom
•Dance of the Honey Bee
•The benefits of alternative farming methods
•A Brief History of Our Deadly Addiction to Nitrogen Fertilizer
•Connecting the Dots: the Big Permaculture Picture
•YFF: Using the Sun to Empower Women and Help Family Farmers
•International Day of Peasant struggles
•Why Saving Seed and Growing Organic Food is a Powerful Weapon Against Corporate Tyranny
•Why farmers still struggle when food prices rise